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[The eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence]

Our ATHENS accord immortalises the juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary - a graceful clash of historical charm and renewed creative energy.  It is an ode to the city's resilience and recent rise.

The fragrance is based on a walk through Plaka - an Athenian neighbourhood that sits beneath the shadows of the Acropolis and its ancient temples.  What one notices in Athens is that the sun sets differently.  Hazy purple and pink hues adorn the Athenian summer sky, painting it the most vibrant of violets.  The warm summer air is sweetened by hints of jasmine and night elm as people water and tend to their gardens in the evening.  Livani grounds the accord - a final nod to the city's sacred Byzantine history and culture.

Top //   Olive oil, orange peel, thyme  

Mid //   Jasmine, night elm, white flower

Base //  Musk, livani, vanilla 

350 grams of scented soy candle.   45 hour burn time.

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