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Herbal Tea with Greek Saffron, Honey & Orange


This delicious caffeine and gluten free herbal tea is infused with some of Greece's favourite flavours, orange and honey, 

a special mix known as a source of vitamin C and energy that can be consumed both hot or cold! It’s the perfect warmer for a cold day and is beyond delicious on ice too during hot summer days.

A luxurious herbal tea with a full, clean taste that blends the saffron perfectly with honey and orange. This invigorating, sumptuous treat is perfect for high-end brew lovers, connoisseurs and the health conscious. The flavour is awakening, refreshing and full, perfect for an energetic morning brew, afternoon boost, or citrusy post-meal cleanser.

Red Saffron, called Krokos in Greek, has been part of the Greek culinary culture for thousands of years and Greece is where it originates from. Today it is only produced in the agricultural area of Kozani in Northern Greece and has long been used to infuse various beverages with flavour and health properties. Greece’s Krokos Kozanis is widely known to have the most amount of antioxidants than any other saffron.

Quantity: 10 tea bags/18gr
Ingredients: 100% Organic herbal tea with apple, rose petals, orange leaves, orange peel, blackberry leaves, honey and Greek red saffron. Vegan, gluten free and caffeine free.

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