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"Of all peoples, the Greeks have dreamt the dream of life best." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  

The MYKONOS accord is an interpretation of the island's idyllic bliss.  Inspired by a the island's vibe whereby time ceases to exist and the days melt into the night.    

Solar accords shimmer and compliment warm, golden brown skin covered in smooth, rich tanning oil.  Ubiquitous purple and pink bougainvillea blossoms adorn the maze of blue and white Cycladic buildings, filling Mykonos town with beautiful sweet floral tones.  These notes intertwine with a sultry white amber that exudes as the day turns into the night.  I never feel tired in Mykonos.  

Top //    Bergamot, iris

Mid //     Bougainvillea, magnolia 

Base //   White amber, ylang ylang, tanning oil

350 grams of scented soy candle.   45 hour burn time.

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