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The ABC of the 12 Days of Christmas


It is a period beginning on Christmas Day the 25th December and continuing through to the Theophany, on the 6th January.

During this time families unite to enjoy celebrations and feast in the honour of the Birth and Baptism of Jesus Christ. Beautiful illustrations help captivate the interest of readers to understand the significance and meaning of Saints, prayers, hymns, carols, religious and cultural traditions, Christmas foods, sweets and the fasting period.

The ABC of the Twelve Days of Christmas\’ book will cover the following: The Birth, Baptism, Circumcision and Naming of Jesus Christ Great Blessing of the Waters, Theophany/Ta Fota – Throwing of the Cross Tradition of the Christopsomo, Vasilopita and other Christmas sweets Namedays and Christs other name Prosphoro King Herod, Holy Innocents and the Three Wise Men Tradition of the Karavaki and smashing of the pomegranate Christmas Day Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion Christmas Lent period Carols (κάλαντα) – Christmas, New Year and the Epiphany Saint John the Baptist, Saint Nicholas and Saint Basil the Great Synaxis of the Most-Holy Theotokos Christmas hymns Christokoutsouro and kallikantzaroi Royal Hours Prayers for New Year, Prosphoro, Vasilopita, Eighth Day Naming of a Child.


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